Boldly going… Insane.

It’s time.  The theater room has gone neglected for far too long, and in order to actually put things in it, well, it needs to be built ‘top-down.’  I wanted to avoid a bland sea of tiles, and also to not break the bank buying what would have been miles of track and a small FedEx truck of tiles.

So I sat down with sketchup and started playing.  What I ended up with is was a way to have 3 rows of tiles giving a border around the room and in between the rows (which I might get crafty with molding for up-lighting into the recessed areas).

Rather than just having them run the full length, I felt it called for a ‘center piece.’

So after coming up with 4 options, and getting feedback from the Mrs. I set out to figure out how to frame the chosen option and get it hung.  I think I have what would be a simple 4-5 hour framing job for a professional, but will kick my inaccurate measuring ass halfway around the block for an entire 3-day weekend next week while the wife and kids are camping.

What you see in bright red below is the framing I’ll be building to hang all the drywall from.  If you ever have a chance to come see a movie, I’d recommend not sitting under this because all of my 70 year old friends will have brittle bones on opening night in 2045!