The Black Hole…

Quick update on the wall treatment work.  After much review reading I settled on putting strips of Black Plush Triple Velvet on the walls next to the screen to kill light reflection.  When testing out the projector with the grey primed walls it was a huge white box around the screen.  Based on what I was seeing coming off the black ceiling, it was clear something with more absorption was needed.  I measured the exposed areas and opted for one full width of the fabric which is 44-45″ wide.  The rest of the area would be covered by the same black curtains used back in the rear of the room.

After getting the velvet and curtains up, a test run was full of win!  The area around the screen is now a complete black hole, with exception to some not-very-distracting light off the ceiling area.  The black curtains do reflect some but they are far enough away from the screen it’s a non issue.  And don’t let the pics fool you, yes the velvet appears to be highly reflective with the lights firing down on them, but when it comes to screen reflections, there is zero reflection.

You can also see the baseboards are in and painted black to make them blend in with the velvet and curtains.  The doorway will be taken care of with a set of black curtains on both the inside and outside of the doorway.

Couple of pics.  You’ll notice something is still missing down front…  The next update releases the Kraken!