Unpause game…

So having obviously spent the last *four* years since the last game room update focusing on the other rooms, it’s time to move this one along a little bit.

As you will see from the pics, the room has since been painted.  I thought I’d get crafty and put some trim around the ceiling to hide the gap along one wall.  The way I hung the ceiling was to minimize wasted tiles and I knew I’d have a gap.  So I thought “why not see what some baseboard would look like”, well, the answer is “stupid” as you’ll see.  So I looked closer at the crown in other areas of the house and figured I’d add another piece of actual crown molding and see what that’d do.  The answer is “much better.” 🙂

After I tackled the ceiling it was time to address the flooring.  I spent what probably was 3 hours in the flooring section of Lowes running options in my head and laying out tiles in patterns on the floor.  My initial plan was for tile throughout the basement in case of water damage etc.  The only carpet I wanted was on the risers in the theater room.  After having dealt with the small tile area in the theater room, I was NOT looking forward to messing with 150 square feet of it.  While wandering around I came across ‘luxury vinyl’, which is a fancy way of saying “thicker and better.”  I ran numbers over and over and even though the vinyl came out a good bit more on the cost side, the labor savings would more than make up for it.  So I loaded up a cart and the rest is in the pics. 🙂

Overall, I’m very pleased with the look and how simple it was to snap the stuff into place.  Now the great debate is whether I battle the million cuts to put the stuff in around the bar, or go back to the tile plan.  At least I managed to end on a near perfect line in the doorway after a 12 foot run!

On with the pics.