Gaming the system

So I have apparently never made a dedicated game room post, not that I’ve done much in there beyond drywall and wiring up until recently.

A month or two ago I was bored and a little thin on the spending money so I started slinging the ceiling track leftover from when I bought the supplies for the bar in bulk.  Got a good bit of the way done before running out.  Fast forward to the last couple of weeks when I decided to make a push for New Years Eve!  I bought the rest of the track then got the Mrs to pick between the same tile used in the bar or the maroon red version, she picked the same.  Ordered up the tiles (ouch), painted the track, and started slinging!

Then it was on to lighting.  I kept the basic light fixtures the builder used in the bedrooms when we put up ceiling fans as I’d planned to use them in the basement eventually.  I should have counted before I mounted the first one in the center of the room because I had it in my head there were five scattered around the basement, when low and behold I only had four.  Grrr.  I put out the call to the neighborhood as surely others have replaced ceiling fans too and I know the builder was too cheap to use 100 different types of fixtures.  Fifth one will be in hand shortly, got multiple bites. 🙂

Then it was on to wall color.  The Mrs. and I again batted around ideas and I went to Lowe’s and picked out some chips based on the ‘blue or purple’ families.  I taped them to the wall, picked two, asked her to come down and pick her two.  One of her two was the same as one of mine, ‘discussion’ averted. 😉

Going to run a 1″x4″flat border around the ceiling as crown moulding isnt going to fill the gap on two sides and I’m not going to mess around with cutting a couple dozen cross beam pieces and butchering another $50 in tiles.  Will have to flip a coin on whether or not it’ll be wall or ceiling colored.

Anyway, the photos 1,000 words are better than mine probably.