So I have to vent…

Vent the HVAC that is!

Moving on to the other rooms again, I had a long 6″ duct hanging in the bar room with boot attached.  I wasnt thrilled with trying to cut and mount the standard rectangle in the middle of a tile like I did the game room, so I hit the google.  I came across a 2×2 drop ceiling vent that I thought would work great once painted.  Unfortunately, I could only find them in pairs so now I have two. lol.  I dug out the little pint of paint I used on the ceiling tracks in the bar and game rooms, scuffed everything up with sandpaper to give the paint something to grab onto and hit everything with a mini roller.  The gap on the finished product is a little more of an eye magnet than It’d like, but it still at least somewhat blends in with it’s square brethren.

I also finally landed some fabric a couple of weeks ago for the light boxes.  I did a test of just fabric and the LEDs in the rope light were too visible.  So I did a double layer of rolled plastic behind the fabric as a diffuser and bingo!  The pattern isn’t as ‘marble’ looking as I’d like but it was all I could locate that didnt have some sort of random pattern like flowers or stars or something else in it.  It’ll do.

On with the pics!