Hip to be squares

Quickie update!  Got some more done on the ceiling this weekend.  Ran to the basement emporium (Lowe’s, I really do need to buy stock in that company…) and had them match a quart of flat paint to the ceiling tile, they hit it dead on!  I started making my way around the room painting the track with a regular brush, not very good, the brush just didnt hold enough paint to get good coverage.  So then I tried a sponge style brush I had laying around that was exactly as wide as the track itself, I’d have went to jail if it was a DUI test, ugh.  Back to lowes to get a wider brush, until I saw a cool little roller that would do the trick, only a couple inches wide so I wouldn’t waste a ton of paint cleaning out a pan, and the package itself WAS a pan, recycle baby!

I went around the whole room twice in the time it took me do to just a couple of rows yesterday!  And I also took the tile I cut the color match sample piece out of and cut it down to do two sections.  Pics show the end result and how well the track now matches.  Ignore the edge rail because it’ll be hidden with crown molding 🙂

Next up on the list will be to get the rest of the ceiling tile ordered and mount the track lighting to the grid after painting it to match too.

Won’t be long, this room will be ready for a party!