Whataya have, whataya have!

Just a quickie update.

Spent most of the ‘basement time’ today not in the basement.  I fired up google sketchup and laid out the grids for the drop ceiling so I could build a materials list and price estimate.  Once the wife revived me from the sticker shock I found a couple of different options so I wasn’t using the pricey matte black tiles in the bar and game room too.  However I’ll still be using a different style in each room I think.  Probably a tan/beige vinyl thermoform plastic in the bar and a more standard commercial looking fiber tile in the game room as I assume it’ll see it’s fair share of stray pingpong balls, darts, buckshot, etc.

Once that tab of the spreadsheet was filled out, I went down and sanded and stained  the whole bar top.  Once it dries I’ll tuck it away until the ceiling is in and the walls are painted, then it’ll get put in place and glossed up.

Here’s pics of the dark goodness…