Twinkle twinkle little bar

So back over Chrtistmas break, in the push to the NYE party that yet again never was, I was trolling around walmart and some boxes of LED rope light caught my eye.  Usually that kind of thing is reserved for the seasonal decoration section, but this was smack in the middle of the lightbulb section. *insert screeching shopping cart brake sound here*

I’ve needed more rope to finish off the boxes and there was none to be found like what I’d already strung anywhere in the Christmas decoration sections of any stores, everything is going LED!  Based on that I had already been pondering a 150ft roll of bulk LED rope light off ebay.

Also, I’m still searching for the right material to cover the boxes with and beings I’m now leaning towards a translucent faux stone I felt I needed more candle power in the boxes.  So I did some quick math in my head knowing I was going to run more rows per light box, at just under 50 foot per box I grabbed two.

So after yanking out the old, feeding in the new, brighter, and as you can see more dense lighting, here’s a before and after pic!

Now to decide on what to cover them with!  Something like this is at the top of my list, just need to pick a color..