I love it when a plan comes together.

I burnt some leave Friday and spent a little quality time with the basement.  The game room ceiling track is almost done, need one more beam and it’ll be ready for tile and lighting.

Then I moved on to start the final leg of the bar.  I consulted with the Mrs. about the finish on the lower countertop.  I didn’t want wood like the main upper level, and I wasn’t really fond of a typical glossy solid color ceramic 4×4 tile.  As you’ll see in the pics, we batted around the idea of the same tile that is on the front of the bar but I didn’t fancy the thought of placing eleventy thousand of them.  So, you guessed it, off to Lowe’s!  We settled on a ceramic tile that is printed to look similar to a slate stone.  I sorted through about 6 boxes to get the 40ish I needed all in a grey family as usually 1/3 to 1/2 of the box were heavily weighted in the brown tones.  I feel sorry for the poor bastard that comes home with 10 boxes and wonders why he only has 5 grey tiles 🙂

Today was the big day, the tile was put down permanently!  I mis-counted by 2, and broke two trying to snap the corner pieces for the top.  I tried a wet saw but beings the angles were so odd I couldnt use the guide worth anything and free handing them meant wayyyy uneven cuts.

The bar top now also has the back lip in place, drywall filled the back splash area and wall color applied.  The outlet is controlled by the switch as is a new outlet under the bar for the front lights.  The rear cabinets have all the panels reinstalled and all is needed is a few more tiles, some more oak trim along the side and back countertop edges to is looks similar to the bar top

For all intents and purposes the bar room is 90% to the point I’d actually try to use it for a gathering.  The remaining punch list is:

  • Front bar rail
  • Sealing the bar
  • The flooring.  Not sure if we’re going to tile it, acid stain the concrete, or paint it
  • Some form of glass inserts for the light boxes and new LED light rope for them
  • Oak end-caps for the bar and rear counter
  • Panels for the back of the bar so it’s not an open void (not doing any more cabinets, more than plenty already!)
  • Possibly some crown molding
  • About 10 posters or other pieces of art to spiff it up!

To the pics, including a panoramic showing off the new countertops!