Come on baby light my baaarrr…

Seeing as its yet again been a 5 month hiatus, time to get some work done!

Been sitting on some Lowe’s gift cards since fathers day and I decided they should be put to use on lighting.  Initially I was going to do recessed but had a hell of a time getting them mounted to the grid and sit flush in the tiles.  Couldn’t mount them to the tiles as they are way too flimsy to support anything.  Took those parts back and went to Plan B:  track lighting.

I picked up a 4 foot section and 3 pendants (*mumbles something about stupid ass tiny candelabra bulb regulations/requirements*)  Even those have sat in the corner for a couple of weeks, so it was high time to make sure they were going to work.  I measured it out so that it was centered over the long leg of the bar and shot some metal screws right into the tracks, even used the laser line to make sure it was straight! 🙂  Going to have 2 more pendants over the middle leg, and 1 over the short and it’ll be good to go.  Also plan to run diagonal track in the corners so we can shoot some spots on the walls as well as maybe some additional pendants.

Once those were up and the Mrs approved the height, I figured the bar top has had enough time to, uh, cure, yeah that’s it, it’s been leaning up against the wall in the theater room curing for 5 months!  So some construction adhesive, wood screws, and clamps to hold things in place, she’s down for good.  Then I hit it with the sander to smooth out all the joints and filled all the big gaps with wood filler.  I’ll redo the stain after I’m done with the rest of the lighting over the bar.