Walking the planks…

I had managed to amass a fair amount of Lowes giftcards over the last few months so I figured it was time for me to become a big boy and go get my own 5-gun nailer set so I wouldn’t have to re-borrow one from the friends I’d already borrowed from for like a year each.  Also got some OSB to finish out the risers!  Five sheets of 22/32 ‘high performance’ OSB (Man card intact for purchasing this stuff instead of the $2/sheet cheaper stuff only because of the name!)

All of the frames were shimmed up and nailed to their posts and joined together via a few truss plates and strategically placed nails.  Speaking from fresh experience, DON’T step on your nice almost new air hose while it’s resting on a bag of truss plates.  *sigh*

Anyway.  A couple tubes of liquid nails and a big box of screws later, I can actually walk on the risers without having to balance on 2×4’s!  Out of all 4 I only heard one spot that pops and moans and i figure that’ll go away once the liquid nails sets, if not it’ll be screw time.

Yapping aside, here’s some money shots!