To water or to wood, that is the question..

Well, it’s been a month since any work has gone on in the basement.  Between a family vacation, a house warming, and the last couple of weeks being obsessed with putting together a parts list for a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium,  I’ve not given the basement much thought since the waterproofing.  So this past week rolls by and with heavy remodeling going on at the office, I guess it rubbed off on me.  So we loaded up the fam for a sunday morning excursion to walmart and lowe’s for misc food,  and construction supplies!

I ended up getting 40 92.some-odd-inch 2×4’s, 6 treated 10ft 2x4s (what is that crap they put on it anyway other than easter egg dye?) for the floor, and 5 untreated 10ft 2x4s… Why I thought I needed 5 of one and 6 of the other I’ll chalk up to a brain fart..

I also bought a 5lb box of framing nails then realized “I must know someone that has an air nailer” and I tracked one down.  Tracking down the right nails to load into it was an adventure, but I got a 500 count, so I’m good to go.  Throw in a 10% off coupon, and all in all not a bad take for about $150.