Delay of game! Send in the Imperial Guard!

So the plan to have folks over for the game didn’t happen, just too many pieces still haven’t fallen into place yet.  Five yard penalty, repeat 763rd down!

Since the last update, I’ve mounted the left/right speakers and marked out where the center will be and put it on order.  I’m going with Wavecrest Audio HVL-1’s for the front stage.  For ‘bookshelf’ speakers I was worried they wouldn’t fill the room, but these little guys can get plenty loud!  I only ordered 2 at first to test in case they didn’t perform how I needed them to and needed to send them back.  They’re keepers at least until I get a hair to upgrade the room in 10-15 years to whatever the new wizbang holodeck technology is.

The screen is also on order.  After some great email communication with the company to ensure fit and application was appropriate, I went with Center Stage XD material in a Precision frame from Seymour AV.  For the projector, I’m using a Panasonic AE-8000U.  I went with this one after a lot of reading on avsforum and playing with a projector throw distance calculator site online.  This one met with my price, mounting location, and screen size needs perfectly, and it throws a great image too!

Carpet is paid for and awaiting delivery/install probably the week of the 18th.  While waiting on that I decided to go ahead and get the tile in down on the slab area.  I calculated out how many tiles I’d need for a 12×24 I spotted at lowes while finalizing the carpet order.  Luck had it that they went on sale after the new year so I headed up there expecting they’d be sold out. 🙂  Luck also had it that I needed 40 tiles based on my sketchup calculations for both area and cuts for reuse/waste.  When I got there, they had 41 in stock, needless to say I went ahead and bought them out!

The curtains are also going in according to plan!  I was worried about having to revisit my 7th grade home economics class sewing machine lessons to hem 16+ panels.  Googling around I discovered that iron-in hem tape exists so I tracked some of that down locally and went to work!  It’s basically hot glue in ‘tape’ form, but it works perfectly.  Pics show 12 panels in place.  I’m going to end up having to ‘tack’ the bottoms in place to force the pleats where I want them.

Hopefully the above is all going to fall into place over the next few weeks and by the end of the month I’ll be to the point that the only thing I’ll have left to do will be to settle on seating!

Oh, here’s some pics… 🙂