Grey skies?

Been silent for a while, slowly chipping away at the theater room.  When we last left off, barely had the ceiling done.  I’m going to mostly let the (two?!) pics speak for themselves on the work that has been accomplished over the last 4-5 months!  As you can see I opted to ‘ramp’ the tracks at the rear of the room due to not wanting to have height restrictions for the last two rows.  Optionally, I could have just let tall folks go back there and knock themselves out so I could go through their pockets to recoup costs of the room 🙂

Most of the last few months has been spent mudding, sanding, touching up spots, sanding some more, then throwing some primer on it.  I’m going with Sherwin-Williams flat black on the ceiling and (as you’ll see in the next post) custom semi-flush pilasters.

You can also see the 10 mini cans I’ve put in for lighting.  I had to get these at *gasp* Home Depot because Lowes didn’t carry the smaller size I needed in a complete package.