Forward, WOAH!

With this update we’ll arrive at a very usable theater room, as long as you want to sit on a dusty wood platform. 🙂

All four platforms have the curtains up and the rear corners are done with a black panel intended to simulate columns in the corners.  The back ‘wall’ measures out just such that it should be perfect for four red panels with a black panel between each pair.  This will simulate a column breaking up the wall of red.

The screen arrived Friday afternoon and I must say it was packed awesomely!  They could have dropped it out of a FedEx plane at cruise altitude.  Had it then went through the roof and first floor it would have landed in the basement in perfect condition.  I gathered up some scrap wood and built out a couple of areas on the wall to secure the mounting hardware to.  This is so the screen hangs out in front of the speakers by a couple of inches.  Getting the screen material on the frame was a breeze.  They use a tension band system that went on super fast.  There are a couple of grommets in the material ever so slightly peaking out from under the frame in the top corner, but only really when you’re standing right in front of it.  My only concern at this point is that as the bands age and go slack that the grommets will become more visible.

Once I had the screen mounted and adjusted the projector accordingly, I sifted through the Directv guide and stumbled across Top Gun.  Obligatory crappy iPhone pic of the screen is included. 🙂

After turning things off it was time to tackle the floor.  It’s been close to ten years since I last put down tile and grout.  I was quickly reminded that I hate the grout part of the job.  I got all the joints covered and the first pass at cleaning up the residue, I’ll get the rest of it up and clean up the lines in a day or two.

On with the pics!