We’re taking on water Captain! HVAC P.S.A.

So I was putzing around the house today thinking “I’ll clear out my old tech crap and make a few bucks” … While cussing my now ancient Directv HD Tivo to make sure it still worked, it was complaining about no signal on a tuner.  Fair enough, I’ll just go move the wires around on the switch in the basement.  Hike down there, wander into the theater room where the multiswitch is located and was greeted to water on the floor!  The man cave gods were looking down on me because it had to have just started within the last day or two.  What is it you ask?  It would appear that one of the HVAC condensate lines has a leak somewhere along the run from the attic to the basement, yay!!  *grumble*

So 30 mins later, a gallon or two of slimy water was pulled out of the lines via shopvac and the dripping into the basement stopped.  Consider this your friendly public service announcement to suck those condensate lines out once or twice a year and for extra measure, toss some diluted bleach water down them to kill the slime bugs while you’re at it!  Glad I was reminded of this now and not after having the room finished!