Slow and steady wins what?

This is turning out to be the slowest basement build in history, hope I didn’t wake any of you up!!  It’ll be TWO years this June that I started sealing the walls.  Thanks goes to a massive fish habit that may have run it’s course AND the drain of having to get one of our two HVAC’s totally replaced…  Both of those things have been dampening the budget for this project big time.  geesh.

Anyway.  I’m down to literally two walls of drywall to go!  Plus a few small areas above windows, etc.  I think the only reason they call this stuff ‘sheet rock’ is because they don’t want people calling it by it’s real name (shit rock) in front of children. 🙂  I’ve slung every piece by myself so far!  Most of the joints have been mudded at least once and it looks like the huge bucket I got will get me right to the end with a little to spare!  I must say that there is a great sense of accomplishment when I stand back and see it all taking shape.  Pretty cool to walk across the basement from the stairs through cluttered studded rooms then walking into empty near-finished rooms!

Without further yapping, here are some more pics…