Not quitting my day job…

My employer closes down between christmas and newyears, so I hustled up and got the inspection on wiring done, passed that with flying colors (all 30 seconds the inspector spent looking around…!)

So it was off to my second home, Lowe’s, for more supplies (disclaimer, I *do* own stock in Lowe’s as a result of my hobbies!)  Home came 58 sheets of drywall on their $20/90min rental truck.  Thanks to my little brother we got 4 sheets (2 packs of 2) to the basement before we realized it was going to take more than the hour we had the truck so it all ended up in the garage.  A couple of days later I enlisted another friend (as my brother disavowed any relationship after that particular bout of manual torture) to get the rest down the basement.  Big props out to Jeff, we knocked it out in a little over an hour.  We would have had it done in half the time had I not needed to stop every 4th or 5th trip to fight off the urge to vomit.  I fly a desk for a living, and I’m NOT going to quit that to go into the drywall business any time soon that’s for damn sure!

I’ve been the sole slinger since so as not to lose any more relatives and friends and it’s going reasonably smooth.  My publik skool maff continues to fail me however because no matter how many times I measure for an outlet box cut I’ve still missed all but 2 by at least 1/2 an inch… I tried the trick of chalking the box for one of the lights but apparently bumped the panel way before it was up in place and as you can see in the pic, that cut was off by about 3 houses. 🙂