Returning from hiatus… The build resumes!

So obviously I’ve spent the last year (and theater room budget) on a saltwater aquarium. Now that all the heavy lifting (and spending) is done on that hobby, it’s time to jump back down into the basement!

First things first, battling the hot summer in the south is a hard thing to do. So to help stabilize the temps down there, interior R-13 is going in. Picked up 18 rolls because loading a whole pallet onto a trailer was easier than wrangling the 13-15 I was going to need. Let the itchfest begin!

Unfortuatly I started on the complete opposite end of the basement, so the pics are uninteresting at this point 🙂 The good news is that I should have enough of a surplus to do all 4 walls in the theater room instead of just the 2 exteriors which should help with sound deadening some.

I made it halfway around the basement so far and had to call it quits for the day.  Thankfully, cause I was getting ITCHY!