Time to pile(aster) it on!

I searched high and low for pre-fab options because I didn’t really trust my wood working skills to build columns that people will be able to get up close and touch.  While goolging around I started seeing wall treatment options that made me go hmmm.  So after a couple of false starts in sketchup not being able to match up wood with ideas, I went to Lowes and spent an hour or so playing ‘build it’ on the floor in the back of the store near all the wood and trim.  What I came up with is a cross between a standard pilaster that would go around a doorway or fireplace, and a recessed panel door.  Price out the door on these are in the <$40 range and involved only 5 different pieces of wood or trim from Lowes.  Parts list is as follows:

  • 5/8″x12″x4′ Particle board (2ea)
  • 1″x2″x8′ Primered MDF (2+ ea for sides and top/bottom)
  • 1″x4″x8′ Primered MDF (small piece for between ‘panels’)
  • EverTrue 1.375-in x 8-ft Interior Pine Wood Base Cap (2+ ea., cut with hand saw and miter box)
  • EverTrue 1.625-in x 8-ft Pine Pfj Bed Moulding (2ea)

Pretty simple to put together.  I’m splitting the rise of the seating platforms at each pilaster.  Once the two pieces of particle board were fit, I laid them down, cut the 1×2 MDF to length and used adhesive and nails around the edge.  This bound the particle board pieces together.  I then filled in with the basecap to give a nice recessed panel look.  I then used more adhesive when putting them on the wall and tacked them in with nails at angles to keep them from pulling away while everything cured.  Then it was just cutting the side moulding to length, gluing/tacking them in place, and caulking around the edges.  I think they will be a nice break to the walls which at this point I expect to be red fabric of some sort.  We’re still debating flat square panels or the pleated curtain look.  On with the pics!