… are you green with it? 🙂

I went last week and picked up enough ceiling supplies to get the bar room grid up.  Rather than mess around trying to cut in around the edges when I painted the room, I decided to go ahead and paint first.  I’d rather touch up dings than cut in clean around the whole room!

If you can remember back to this post, my sketchup plans had green walls in the bar.  The wifey and I stopped in Lowe’s and picked a couple of chips and had them make up the little tiny sample cans.  I threw a block on each wall and we opted for the lighter one (Chesterwood French Green.)  When I went back to Lowes, I grabbed only a gallon figuring as soon as I bought two, I’d only need one, and knowing that I was only buying one so I’d need two……. Now if I could just do that with lottery numbers!  Sure enough, I used a heavy nap roller and made it to the last 1.5 SMALL walls and the can was empty.  Fair enough, 2nd gallon bought, finished up, hit the other walls with a light 2nd coat, done.

Next up, ceiling grid!  Here’s pics of the paint to tide you over. 🙂