Optimus Primered?

Managed to scrap together a little construction time this weekend across a couple of days while the lovely wife had the kids off at the pool or elsewhere.  Most of the first day was taking the time to finally get all of my little construction waste piles all into a big ol box (which will probably find it’s way to a construction waste dumpster near the office, shhhhhh) and cloging the hell out of a shopvac filter 2-3 times sucking up all the fine dust on the floor because I was tired of the broom kicking up clouds that would just re-settle. 🙂

The 2nd day saw me getting inventive with my sander and 25ft vacum hose.  I set up the shopvac outside without the filter in it and attached the hose to the dust filter connection on the sander.  The neighbors had to wonder why I had a shopvac sitting in the back yard, running, and seemingly on fire smoking madly.  🙂  After hitting all the joints in the game room I got a little frisky and primed the walls!  It’s amazing how a simple coat of white paint will make a room look like… well, a ROOM!  I have some joints and imperfections to touch up that I think stand out better now that there’s some paint on the walls.  Let the fine tedious finishing work (on one room anyway) begin! 🙂

Once the game room is all touched up and ready for flooring and trim, I’ll button up the bar room, then it’s onto constructing the seating risers in the theater room and working on all the finishing touches in there!

After all was said and done, I ended up with 8 sheets of drywall leftover.  I believe I originally calculated 52 sheets would be needed and I got a few extra ‘just in case’.  So in the end I came in a couple under my original estimate without needing the safety net!  The leftovers will up on the outside walls of the ‘storage room’ to hide that mess from our guests when they first arrive in 2018.

On with the pics.